How i got idea to write my Blog?

How to start?

I have a confusion among more than many days What I should write in my blog? How to start? To what I have to mention? Many thoughts, but finally I decided whatever the reason may be, I should write the blog for what I am and my thoughts. So I started blogging. I studied more than a hundred blog about business. beauty products, fitness, travels, new and stories. but coming to write my blog I have a lack of knowledge. having suspicious mind about my blog how many peoples will read, how long time they stay in my blog, user get experience through my blog or uses unlike..lot and lot of question arise in my mind.

Now I am clear. I will write my blog about the business. The user or google algorithm whatever. I strongly recommended my mind to write about the travel business which roll out in google now as How the horses ride, The other power is not like the horsepower. This is the small idea is helping to develop the online bus tickets reservation travel portal.

What is more?

Oasis bus is a startup company and came up with starting innovative ideas for online bus ticket booking where they help to resolve the traveler issues. The benefits of startups are always well-known about consumer issues, user acquisition, conversions, hype, product concerns and consumer needs. By focusing on the above sentence, was started in the year 2015 and the purpose of providing online bus booking service for every traveler who travel to meet their loved ones, family and most important for business purpose.

Oasis bus came into existence for online bus ticketing to resolve customer existing problems. Nowadays many businesses started for online bus tickets booking, but oasisbus is started for only resolve the consumer existing problem and user needs. This online bus reservation portal will support to consumers by the end to end process.

Time and Tide wait for None“. The same way providing the easy way of ticket booking services, user-friendly and informative. Having many operators to connect many places like that having a 3150+ operators to connect 9000+ routes across India.

The oasis bus travel platform maintaining in more secure and safe browsing for your money transactions, Data transfer, and every login personal information’s.

UntitledTravel more, For more information’s visit

We are 24/7 customer service helpline 1800-103-9359 or E- Mail to


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