Top 10 Travel Packing Tips and Suggestions for Man!

If you are a man, when you plan the solo travel what is coming first in your mind – it is an experience like none other. you don’t have the distractions or schedule of others. It gives you spend time more for contemplation and personal growth.

Travel tips and suggestions for Men?

1. Pack your quality luggageSpare clothes, Mobile charger, Tickets, Face cream, Carry a comb, Toothpaste, Brush, Buy a shaving soap bar instead of shave gel, Best sunglasses, Hats that will protect you from the sun, rain, and/or keep you warm, Wear clothing with pockets, Bottle of water, Pack Travel Food (Dried Fruit, Chocolate Covered Nuts, dried or sealed meats. apples), Carry an Emergency Kit – Aspirin or Ibuprofen, needle and thread, band-aids, plastic tweezers, micro-flashlight, Hotel tickets or plan before where you want to stay.

Pack your Bag

Pack your Bag

2. Dress sharp by default – Seriously, If a man looks like a bum or looks ordinary. The traveling man who impress others and will signal make others feel a positive through their presentation.!

3. Dress comfortably – You want to wear trousers or pants, a shirt that stays tucked or is worn un-tucked, and nothing that pinches or rubs. What you love and wear comfortably.images (1)

4. Call Your Credit Card Companies BEFORE Leaving – Have them put a travel alert on your cards (to include debit cards) so that you don’t get an unexpected denial of service and unusual
behavior in spending.

5. Slip On Footwear – Whether it be shoes or slipper, a nice pair of slip on footwear saves you and feel simple.

6. Wear your belt, Plan your route maps.

7. Hang your jacket with hangers – Take at least a couple of hangers with you and utilize. So your jacket(s) or shirts won’t be pressed and wrinkled when seated.

8. A Packing Checklist – Create a simple travel list and keep permanently in your bag. This will save your time& money. No need to buy an item extra what you left at home.Man-Clothes

9. Use luggage identification – If you’re an Air traveler, keep stick your business cards inside and on the outside display of your luggage.

10. Carry on your luggage with you – Its saves the more time and reduce the unwanted tensions.                                                                                                                                                              pic               Plan it, Deal with it!!

Hope! You next time planned your travel perfect fully. OasisBus, Travel, India


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