The Feel is Grateful. Simply, when you share your thoughts to someone.

Many a times thinking about “Why I share my thoughts through blog posts?” At last the answer is, “The feel is grateful” when, I sharing my thoughts and experience to someone. What do I get? I will get the good comments to known or unknown persons. Really the feel is wonderful as well as quite enjoyable. This enjoyment helps me and make me write the new blog posts for my awesome followers.


I like the following qoutes, “Blogging for me was a way to get clarity with my thoughts, to engage with the smart people and to connect with like-minded people“. – Vijayanand, Founder of

Just imagine, We visit some awesome places and seeing some beautiful artworks, found some Naturel views or hearing some news about their cultural and activities. what do we do? We living in the technical world. First we take the picture or videos (especially without their permission). Shares the pic with our friends and family members, after returning to home we share about how was our trip? How the extremely amusing situations there? Share our thoughts to office colleagues and the neighborhood. Then keep thinking about the trip for one or two days or one week else one month. Then busy with your job and work. how we had been there, how was the situations, food, their culture, travels, hotels, people’s activities and so on.

At last, we will plan our next trip to some other places. Only the past memories remaining in our mind. If we get a chance we look out the pics, videos and closed it. What do we get? If we keep stores the picture and videos, either home computer or personal phone. Any use in it? No.

Sharing the knowledge is the must“, shares an unseen awesome picture, shares the unheard stories, shares something new what we heard from there. Once we shared our experience through the blog posts, Many peoples read our blog posts and leave the comments. It will boost our strengths. It will help you to write next blog posts. We are helping to guide to everyone. “Helps to someone, make your mind calm and peaceful“. It will get good and nice friends and followers. Get a guidance from someone to plan our next travels.


If we need more pieces of knowledge, we share our knowledge to everyone through writing the blog posts. The feels are unpaid when you shared you real thoughts to someone.


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