“Thousands have lived without Love, Not one without Water” – The Lord Shiva Lingam is worshiped in his manifestation as “Water” – Legend on 12th Century

Every story is interested in listening. when we can think a deep matter of the story, it is meaningful to take up into our life. In this world, the only five elements are worthwhile “Earth, Water, Fire, Wind, and Space”. Our ancestor giving a more important to those elements. In India, the ancestors make people to respect the five elements which are large and meaningful of human life and they were built many temples and helping to develop the arts and culture for worshiped those elements by the name of god.

The best example of “Jambukeswarar temple located at Thiruvanaikaval, in Trichy” and The Lord “Appu Lingam” is worshipped in his manifestation as “Water”.

Shiva lingam

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Jambukeswarar temple – Legend

The story began with Parvathi (Shiva’s wife) made a lingam (Appu Lingam (Water Lingam)) out of water of river (Cauvery) under the Venn Naaval tree, because Parvati mocked Shiva’s penance for a betterment of the world.

“Know your enemy and know yourself and you can fight a hundred battles without disaster.”

From the source of Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jambukeswarar_Temple,_Thiruvanaikaval

There were two Shiva’s disciples who live in Kailash – ‘Malyavan’ and ‘Pushpadanta’. Though they always quarrel with each other and fight for one thing or other. In one fight ‘Malyavan’ cursed ‘Pushpadanta’ to become an elephant on earth and the latter cursed the former (Shiva) to become a spider on earth. The elephant and the spider came to Jambukeswaram and continued their Shiva worship. The elephant collected water from the river (Cauvery) and conducted ablution to the lingam under the Jambu tree daily. The spider constructed his web over the lingam to prevent dry leaves from dropping on it and prevent sunlight directly falling on it. When the elephant saw the web and thought it was dust on lingam. The elephant tore them and cleaned the lingam by pouring water and the practice continued daily. The spider became angry one day and crawled into the trunk of the elephant and bit the elephant to death, killing itself. Siva, in the form of Jambukeswara, moved by the deep devotion of the two, relieved them from the curse. As an elephant worshiped Shiva here, this place came to be known as Thiru Aanai Kaa (Thiru – holy, Aanai – elephant, Kaa (Kaadu) – forest). Later the name ‘Thiruaanaikaa’ become ‘Thiruvanaikaval’ and ‘Thiruvanaikoil’.

Legend of the temple in a Sculpture in a Pillar in the temple

Temple Specials:

As an outcome of making sin by killing the elephant, in the next birth, the spider was born as the King Kochengot Chola (red-eyed king) and built 70 temples and this temple is the one among them. Remembering his enmity with the elephant in his previous birth, he built the Siva Sanctorum such that not even a small elephant can enter. The entrance on the Sanctorum is only 4 foot high and 2.5 foot wide.

There was a story behind the king’s red eyes – When he was in his mother’s womb the palace astrologer predicted a sacred time to give birth to enable the newborn’s well being. The queen went into labor early, before the time predicted by the astrologer. The queen hence told the servant to hang her upside down for the time to come so that she could have a wise and the virtuous son who could head the kingdom righteously. This waiting time inside the womb made the baby’s eyes red. After becoming the king, he built the temple for Siva and Goddess Akilandeswari.

Sculptures In Thiruvanaikaval Ther

Pooja Timings:

All days of the week: 5:30 AM – 1:00 PM & 3:00 PM – 8:30 PM

Google Maps: https://goo.gl/UZEWnx

Bus Routes and Details:

From Trichy to Thiruvanaikaval Book advanced bus booking here. – 11.7 km
From Salem to Trichy book the bus online – 142 km
From Chennai to Trichy Buses available here – 324 km
From Bangalore to Trichy – Online bus reservation – 343 km

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