Microsoft Windows Age is 30: Some Interesting facts about MS

Being a tech savvy in 2015, We get to know all the interesting facts about technology growths day by day. Nowadays people are very busy and being more engaged in social media platforms.

Now, We knew well, Where we started? Desktop especially called as Microsoft windows. Yes! Windows was first announced in 1983. November 20, 2015, marked the 30th anniversary of Windows operating systems. On this day, the operating system which now runs on over 75% desktop computers worldwide made its debut.


Co-founder:  Bill Gates

Here, I shared some interesting and surprising facts about the company.

  1. Bill Gates followed his gut and named Windows 1.0 as ‘Interface Manager.


2. The company was actually founded in New Mexico back in April 1975. It wouldn’t be until 1986 that the company moved to Redmond (headquarter now).

3. Bill Gates termed Windows 1.0 a “unique software designed for the serious PC user.” The OS allowed users to point and click to access programs. Applications included Paint, Calculator, Cardfile, Notepad and write a word processor.


4. Windows 1.0 had a colored 16-bit interface and was less than 1MB in size. It required a minimum of 256 kilobytes (KB), two double-sided floppy disk drives, and a graphics adapter card. 

windows Less than 1MB in size

5. In 1988, Microsoft became the world’s largest PC software company based on sales.

6. The Windows XP background. Titled “Bliss,” the photo itself was taken in Sonoma County, California, by Charles O’Rear. Taken in 1996, Microsoft paid O’Rear a pretty penny for the rights to the photo, ultimately making it the default background in Windows XP. It’s since been suggested that “Bliss” may very well be the most viewed photo in the history of the world.


7. The Microsoft team that developed Windows NT was originally called the “Portable Systems” group. Windows NT was designed for users and businesses needing advanced capability.nt

8. Windows 95 represented a significant advance over its predecessor Windows 3.1. With the OS, popular features like Start Menu, Taskbar and Minimize, Maximize and Close buttons made their very first appearance.

9. In 1996, Microsoft released Flight Simulator for Windows 95 – the first time in its 14-year history that it was available for Windows.


10. Released on June 25, 1998, Windows 98 was the first version of Windows designed specifically for consumers. Windows 98 was also the last version based on MS-DOS.

maxresdefault (1)

11. Former Microsoft CEO and current LA Clippers owner Steve Ballmer was involved with Microsoft almost from the very beginning.

12. On October 25, 2001, Microsoft launched Windows XP, its best-selling product ever. Windows XP was compiled from 45 million lines of code. XP junked the long-used Windows 95 Kernel and offered users more friendly interface and improved application and memory management.

13. Windows 95 was released in August 1995 that Microsoft truly became a dominant force in desktop computing. With an advertising budget that some peg as high as $300 million, Microsoft’s Windows 95 launch events was an exercise in excess. The launch itself featured Jay Leno cracking wise, a Rolling Stones theme song, and all sorts of other extravagant gestures. Over the next 10 years or so, Microsoft’s annual revenue climbed by more than five times.

14. The Microsoft Mouse dates all the way back to 1983.

Microsoft Mouse in 1983

15. Some Windows versions which reportedly couldn’t get released were: Windows Nashville; Windows Cairo and Windows Neptune.


16. Microsoft utilized to help market the 1983 launch of Windows 1.0, Microsoft bundled free demos of the software in PC World Magazine.

17. According to YouGov Plc data, customer satisfaction for Microsoft was at 64% the day before Windows 7 launched on October 22, 2009.

And We Hearty Wishes, A Big Happy Birthday to Microsoft Windows.




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