Suggest Me! My mind is not open !!

Please suggest me what to write my posts. I was quite busy to settle in my new job and my personal life. I always visit my blog sites why because to read the others blog posts and giving the commands too. It will be quite enjoyable when you share your comments to the other blog posts.

I have never missed Michael Lai, Lisa, and Mukul Chand blog posts. I always like to read  Otto von Münchow and My travel favor Drew Robinson travel experience. I love the Alison and Don blogs who share the awesome picture posts always. Really i wanna be there one day in my life.

Okey.. Now in India has a heavy summer season. People are afraid to come out. Me too! Too much hot in outside. Everyday weather will touch 36°C|°F and more.

Assumption. Long long ago, Indian Ancestor planned the most cultural festival while the summer seasonal especially, the festival will be celebrated at night time. (Maybe no one can affect by hot sun).

In my village also do the same in every year. The festival celebrations will have happened on second week of April 2016 and the celebration days will continue more than seven days. All village people had prepared different viand sweets (Mysore Pak, Jalebi, Laddu), spicy items (Muruku, Tasty Kerala Mixture) etc. During the festival time, we invite the relatives to our home (May everyone knew Indian has a joint family system) and celebrate the festival with them.

I have enjoyed a lot with my family and relatives. The festival especially for Lady Goddess. The festival name is “Mariyamman Ther Thiruvizha”. (Mariyamman=Goddess Name | Ther= Chariot | Thiruvizha=Festival)

I had been there in my village during the festival. Here I shared the picture which is taken by me during the local festival of my village.
Goddess Mariyamman.

  1. Goddess Mariyamman.
God Make up

Goddess Mariyamman 

2. Amman sitting in the Chariot and Roaming around the wide area.




People have to pull the chariot

3. Devotees paid off their requests in front of a chariot.







Devotees Anga Prathakshana



In finally the god was back to the pavilion and finish some rituals. It’s very religious festival will be happened in every part of Tamilnadu, India.

Thank you for reading my posts. Love You All !!





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