The One who sleeps in the Classroom

Everyone had the best experience to sleeping in the classroom while class teacher taking the lesson in the class. Sometimes you may be observed who sleeps in the classroom they have all the answers for the same day class questions either they scored a good rank in exams or they got a good job as well.

How is this possible?

As of I know, The one who sleeps in the classroom they should not listen what other student speaks, they have concentrations about what class teacher taking the lecture. One of the main reason is “our Brain is well functioning and doing the super duper work while we are in half of the sleep. Just think our Ear was dump nearby one what speaks about what, but sharply listen what class teacher speaks”.


So do not have hesidation to tell others or your childrens. You are the one who sleeps always in the classroom.

Morel of the story : I am the one who sleeps every class and I proudly saying “I am the one of them”.

The best place is thinking such a things : While taking the bath in bathroom.



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